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Today, Search Engine Marketing is an ongoing company function. Before SEO evolved into its current critical role, many websites were built mostly on a design basis rather than on a content basis. SEO, many times, was an after-thought. Terms like keyword density, link farms and keyword stuffing were in vogue.

SEO is now an umbrella term that includes eight important components that work in harmony to maximize site visibility, domain authority and search result rankings on the most relevant keywords for your business.

SEO has moved from having a perception of trickery, used by only a few, to a complete understanding of what a company must do to increase its leadership, customer satisfaction and web visibility that will in-turn improve its organic rankings on the most competitive search terms in their prospective business niche.

Today SEO is no longer an after-thought. It is an integral part of a company’s Content Marketing strategy. SEO goes well beyond the on-page optimization that is required on a typical SMB four-to five page website. The truth today is that it’s not these four to five pages alone that earn high rankings. They must be supplemented with truly outstanding and unique content that is published throughout the webosphere that is applauded in ways the web allows – likes, mentions, +1s, conversions, retweets and most importantly, external links pointing back to that content.

It is this degree of value, uniqueness and relevancy of the content you publish that inspires your followers (customers, press, top bloggers and social media sharers, etc.) to create these measurable “votes of confidence” that earn your trust, leadership and domain authority - a metric (0-100) that remains the most important ranking determinant. Because search engines track these metrics, it is this component of SEO that moves the needle and improves your organic rankings on the most competitive and relevant keywords used by your target market.

Our advanced SEO packages offer our clients a complete SEO implementation of content marketing, Local SEO, missing keyword research, on-page optimization, competitive research, blogging, training and maximizing rich snippets by using structured data in the code when appropriate.

The optional Content Creation Plan puts the origination of your content on our plate to establish a Linkable Assets Library on your website over time. This service includes the continuous expansion of your list of influential followers and the weekly publishing of the content we create via all appropriate channels (social media, email, press, bloggers, etc.).

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Need some help with your search engine optimization? We can help match you to a SEO company.

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